Install CCcam on Ubuntu

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1. install ubuntu.
2. Fill in the UbuntuInstall script only the OWNER= > i called it bratko because i share with you <(this is your username from the ubuntu install) this muts be done in also.!!!

3. Fill this in in linux othterwise you get problems with the sctript it wont work when you edit in windows!!!!
you need the pc connected to the internet for downloads
4.Then place the script and the ubuntu_install_package in /tmp/then go to terminal.
and login as sudo -i ( then you are sudo do what the text saysafter the ~$ and ~# )
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo su
[sudo] password for ubuntu: >fill in your password.<
root@ubuntu:~# chmod 755 /tmp/
root@ubuntu:~# /tmp/ then the installation starts
and your terminal will fill up then there will be askt some times ( yes or no) fill in Yes everytime
then you get also a question choose standalone & undefined
after it is done ubuntu reboot's
te files in /tmp/ are gone and the CCcam server is up and running!!